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    TextInput component




      I have an issue with creating a specific TextInput component in Flash Catalyst.

      Here is how I want my TextInput component to behave:

      1. When the TextInput component is in it's "normal" state, I want it to be with a black stroke.
      2. When it's being clicked (focused), I want the component to have a green stroke and a green glow.
      3. When the component is deselected, I want it to have a black stroke as in it's normal state, and naturally, the text should remain visible.



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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Roy,


          The green stroke part unfortunately can't be done purely within Catalyst.  If you're up or writing a little Flex code, you should be able to do this by writing a custom focusSkin.  Here are some examples of the appearances you can create by doing that.


          The green glow part is simpler, though: in Catalyst, select the Text Input and then look in the Appearance section of the Properties panel.  You'll see a color control for "Focus ring" there.


          You shouldn't have to do anything at all to get the stroke to stay black and text to remain visible after un-focusing the Text Input.


          Hope that helps,


          - Peter