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    Resetting component states


      Hi - I'm almost finished with a gallery project made in FC CS5 but the component states don't reset properly.


      I made the first state, placed a multi-state component, set the component state in the timeline according to the tutorials and answers found here*, confirmed that it worked, and then duplicated the state. From the subsequent states I deleted the component and placed new components and set the component states in the timeline. But these don't work.


      I'm so close to finished - does anyone know what I should do? You can see the project here:


      (the html from Catalyst is broken, but that's another topic)


      Go to Student Testimonials > Cindy, click around and go back to All Student Profiles, then back to Cindy. You can see it reset to state 1.

      If you go to any of the other profiles, they do not return to state 1. they stay where you left them.


      The work file is here:



      Thank you very much for any help.


      * resources: