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    Symbols in symbols?

      Hi all,

      A bit of background: I'm working on creating some symbols (normal and rich) so that the company I work for can make quick mockups of webpages without manually recreating every page element. The idea was to create a library of commonly used elements so that it would be easy to put pages together. This seems to be something FW is geared for, but I'm having some trouble.

      Here's the problem: I can't seem to create symbols that contain other symbols -- if I do, I can't use them, I get a "Could not drag or drop. Not enough memory." error. An example: I made a simple symbol, just a panel (rectangle) with text on top. I also wanted to make a very similar object -- a panel with text, but this time also with a bold header at the top (we use both on the webpage depending the data we're showing). I can't do this, even this very simple combination (no rich symbols involved) gives me the error. Is it possible to make a symbol that uses another symbol inside of it?

      Ideally I'd like to combine rich symbols to make something like a tab bar -- each tab turns on/off and the tab bar is several edited instances of a tab object -- but I'm thinking that maybe this isn't supported. Does anyone know?