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    When trying to burn a DVD, my burner is not recognized

    LAMS Tech

      I am running WinXP. I recently used Adobe Premiere4, for about a year had no issues with   burning. just recently, after creating the show from video shot with a JVC GZ-MG630 camcorder, then to share and burn, the rendering began and roughly 70% in, there was a dialog box < Adobe Premiere has encountered an error and needs to close>, my options were cancel or debug, by selecting either option, the program closed, and I would start over. I purchased Adobe Premiere9 thinking maybe my version was not compat with current updates, etc. i can import the video fine, create the show fine, save the show fine, when I select share and burn, there is a yellow triangle where my burner drive is and selecting burn I get < cannot burn the selected file( or something like that).>

      how do I overcome this hiccup and get my discs burned like I used to?