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    Eclipse <-> Flex <-> BlazeDS integration


      I'm using Eclipse 3.4.2 with the Flex plugin...it's only my 3rd day of playing

      with Flex, but I have managed to get some sample apps up and running...


      I have downloaded the Flex "turnkey" bundle and have Tomcat running along

      with the sample BlazeDS applications, etc...


      basically -- things appear to work fine...however,

      there's ONE piece of funcationality I can't seem to get working:

      the Flex perspective of Eclipse includes a "Data" menu...has anyone successfully used that menu

      to conect to a BlazeDS datasource?  I've configured and reconfigured and

      only get various 404 and connection refused messages...


      going through Window -> Preferences -> Adobe -> RDS Configuration

      I can create and successfully test an RDS connection to the turnkey Tomcat...but

      when/where/how do I use this connection?