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    Best way to convert .avi files to .swf

    reindeer4 Level 1

      Hi, I have Adobe CS4 Master Suite.  If I need to convert some large .avi files into .swf format for use in a 3d program, what's the best way?  Should I bring the .avi into Flash Pro, AfterEffects, or Premiere?  I hoped you could do the conversion with Adobe's Media Encoder, but that 'only' lets you generate .flvs not .swfs.  Thanks.

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          Justin Putney Level 2

          Either Premiere or After Effects should allow you to export a SWF. Photoshop Extended might even work, since it has some video editing capabilities...just checked PS CS3, nope. PS will read an AVI and export all types of formats except SWF.


          I've confirmed in AE CS3 that it can export SWF. I can find it in Premiere CS3, but this doc says it's possible in Premiere CS4.


          Both Premiere and After Effects will require some file setup, but should be able to export a SWF. If in doubt, use AE.