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    what happened to delete silence?


      what happened to delete silence? for me it is very important this feature

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          manuelee Level 1

          How can i find all the silences above 2 sec.?

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            Scott Carver Level 1

            Still here - several of the "find X and do something with it" features have been combined in the Diagnostics panel. You'll find, among other things, Delete Silence and Find Audio. Pick your settings (they should correspond more or less to those from Audition 3.0) and scan, and you'll be presented with a list of all the detected silences. From there, you can choose to delete them one at a time or all at once. You can also mark regions in the list from the context menu. So, finding silences above two seconds would look something like:



            A few additional notes -


            • Find Audio is essentially the same, except it finds regions of non-silence. You can, for example, quickly split apart regions of a recording that are separated by silence by using Find Audio, marking the regions, and then splitting them into individual files using Export Audio of Selected Markers from the Markers panel.
            • Though it's called Delete Silence, you can also just use it to find and mark (or, for example, apply an effect to) silence in a file, or shorten long silences to a standard length - you don't necessarily need to delete.
            • If you're looking for a feature, and don't know where to start, use the Spotlight search in the Help menu - you can quickly search through all the menus in the app. Until we get a full-fledged manual, this is the best way to search the app.




            Let us know how this feature works for you - though the underlying functionality is the same, building Delete Silence into the Diagnostics panel adds quite a bit of power that wasn't there before.


            Scott C