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    gotourl after external MP4 IM AT WITS END PLEASE HELP


      I'm over here yanking my hair out screaming at the screen and punching the wall. What I used to find so simple I cannot seem to achieve... I've been searching high and low and trying near 50 combos of actionscript (2.0) to get this to work and it's failed everytime.... I'm at wits end please help me.



      I have an external mp4 encoded with h.264 out of the media encoder hosted on my website (http://www.burkepushman.com/flash/intro.mp4)


      I need script that will shoot me over to the main page which will be at http://www.burkepushman.com/home.html upon clicking or letting the movie finish playing. The flash will be nested at www.burkepushman.com and will be titled index.html


      please someone why and i having so much trouble, i've been at this for 3 days now....