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    Disk data transfer rate


      I recently put a new system together.  i7 950 processor, 24 gig ddr3 1600 ram, asus sabertooth motherboard, WD Raptor 600 gig C drive, 2 raided 0 drives.


      I am a little bit concerned because my Windows Index score is only 5.9.  All of the components are getting scores of 7.5 to 7.9 except for the Disk data transfer rate.  Does anyone have ideas as to why the score is so low?


      Thank you



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          That is because the WEI uses your boot disk as the default device to measure performance, and, for instance, a Velociraptor 10 K disk, does not score more than 5.9. The story changes when the test is run on other disks, like my array:




          However, this measurement is totally worthless in real life. You should look at practical benchmarks like PPBM5 Benchmark

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            nharman Level 1

            Yeah the WEI is a joke, and already completely outdated.  Scores max out at 7.9, despite some setups that really should be scoring higher compared to other similar setups.


            I don't think any single Hard Disk Drive scores over a 5.9 despite there being some relatively large performance differences between them, SSD's and raid arrays are a different story.


            But once again as Harm said, don't worry about your WEI the only real impact it has is whether or not Aero is enabled on windows 7 which is all GPU based, which well isn't very important.