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    5.0.2 some continuing issues



      I have the most current updates installed in Master Collection. Premiere Pro is a fresh install after previous update issues trashed my install. So it's clean OS as well.


      1-I calculated renders, and when I closed the project and came back: they were gone (supposedly fixed in 5.0.2)


      2-PP is not remembering file paths correctly. If I import an asset from some folder (say music, in my master project folder) and then a little later go to "save as" the edit, the music folder opens, rather than the edit folder I had been working in. This behavior happens all over i.e. Output folder, next time I "save as" the edit it looks to the Output folder, etc.



      Windows Vista 64, fully updated, fresh OS install, fresh Adobe install, etc

      3ghz quad core, 8 gig RAM, EVGA GTX280 1gb DDR3, 3.5 TB RAID 5, 7 TB external storage