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    Made  this with AS2

    designingal Level 1

      I don't know much about Flash, but I did manage to make this simple player by altering a sample file I had.




      I would like for 6-7 of the color swatches to stay open at the same time.  How do I write the AS so that I could have it fill another "blank_btn" once the first one is filled.  The set-up is very simple.  I have a  blank_btn sitting over each color square with this code attached to it


      on (release) {



      Then on the larger blank_btn that the jpg loads into I have this:


      on (release) {



      Ideally, the user could click on 6-7 swatches and the 6-7 jpg's would stay open next to each other.  I would really be happy if the user could then click on one of the open jpg's and then re-click on a swatch and change that jpg. I think that would require an eventListener, something I have heard of before, but wouldn't know where to put it.  Obviously I am trying to create a place where people can see how well colors look together.  Any help would be appreciated.