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    Previewing playback option


      When opening files in Audition 4.0 for Mac, I notice that the option to preview the sound file before opening it is no longer there. As a sound designer for theatre who deals with thousands of sound effects, it's very helpful for me to be able to listen to WHICH dog bark I'd like to use before I open it for editing. Is this option available and I have merely missed it, or is it something that could be included in future versions? Thank you.

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          OS X provides QuickLook for previewing media assets.  If you have a file selected and press SPACE (or in column view, click play in the file details pane) you can preview in the file dialog.  There IS an Apple bug that may cause a crash in some situations that Apple notified us was fixed in the latest 10.6.5 update, so you may want to make sure you're up to date if you experience issues.