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    Need masking/tween help

    LilMitch Level 1

      I have a logo that I'd like to animate for a class presentation. The logo can be seen here: http://flic.kr/p/8SXY9f


      I would like only the word LEAF to fade in, and then the blue portion to wind its way around (Starting at the gap at the top, going clockwise and finishing by revealing to two shorter lines in the center). At first I tried to mask the blue portion in segments, but couldn't figure out how to link multiple symbols together to mask the same image. If somebody could help me, or show me a tutorial to help me do this, that would be awesome! I'll try to clarify anything if you need it as well. I can also send you the Illustrator file I used to create the logo.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can create the mask as a movieclip such that each layer within it masks a portion as it tweens over the blue lines.


          Alternatively, you could also just draw the blue lines dynamically by tweening a blue rectangle's width/height.  You could apply a rectangular mask over this to help you avoid having to do precise controlling of the edges/corners joining and whatnot (meaning you can use a fatter blue line and let the mask hide the overhang).


          I'd probably go with the latter approach since masking with movieclips can sometime defy reason.  Just create the blueline drawing as a movieclip and place the rectangular mask over that.