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    need help



      Please check out http://www.karlazone.com/gworldmap.html and click on Specialty Maps/MiddleEast .

      Basically I want to do my own version.  What I want is to have pop up text when you hover over a country to work.

      I am having a hard time with that. Can someone provide an example I can base my stuff on?

      2nd issue:Iam assuming Karla has different swf for the population, pop growth and so on and that it loads whenever you click on the top links.

      Is this correct?

      Thanks in advance for any help!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To make things appear with a rollover can happen in various ways.  The simplest approach, if you do not know actionscript, would be to make a button symbol and have the part you want to appear in the OVER frame.  Alternatively, if you can use actionscript, you can have a movieclip that you either fill with data or make visible upon a rollover of another object.


          As far as what you mention regarding the different buttons, I don't see what purpose those buttons serve, but they only appear to be changing colors, which could either be done by switching frames or by actionscript.  I do not see anything that would have me suspect new swfs are being loaded for those interactions

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            t5t6t7 Level 1

            ok this is the problem I have. I have a map with states and counties.  i have traced the map and created the movie for each state and county.

            i have an invisible dynamic text that should display data about the state county when you moue over.  the problem is it does not show up when i mouse over a movie of a state/county. i turned the movie to a button and draw the dynamic text again and it shows up.  but the dynamic text is all over the place. i can not line it up properly.  i figured the movie should work if i made the movie invisible before i mouseover and visible with the data when i mouseover but that is not even showing up.

            How can i make the dynamic text show up in the movie clip?

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You need to decide on a plan for a solution and then describe the details of that plan.  You should include whatever actionscript you are trying to use in that description.  Right now your explanation, like your dynamic text, is all over the place.

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                t5t6t7 Level 1

                Sorry i thought i was clear.  this is what i am looking for:

                i have the movie clips ready.

                i have a dynamic text(txtstate) box that should only show up when you mouse over the state/counties.

                For each movie clip, i have four frames where in frames 2 and 3, the color of the state changes and the text should be displayed.

                - is it correct to say txtstate.visible=false on the main scene and when you mouseover (movie clip 2nd and rd frames)txtstate.visible = true, and txtstate.text= statename;

                shouldnt' this display the statename?  It is not working for me. 

                Let's start with this first to make it easier for all of us.

                Thanks for staying with me on this one.

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                  carl schooff Level 3

                  Here is a very basic interactive map tutorial of mine.




                  There is a video and source files for download.


                  there is also a part 2 where a dynamic textfield is used for descriptions.

                  it is possible that this dynamic textfield could be positioned relative to the country you rollover or the user's mouse position.


                  it may be a good start or at least expose you to an alternate way of building.



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                    t5t6t7 Level 1

                    Thank you.  You are the man.

                       I will study you actionscript and implement it in my code.I have over 500 movies and will at some point want to use xml to load the data.  At least now I know how to fix the mouse over text problem I have been having for a long time.


                    I can't tell you how happy I am.

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                      t5t6t7 Level 1

                      i have been struggling with this problem.  did you first create a blank movie and add all of your "maps" and then created a movie clip for each region?

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                        carl schooff Level 3

                        glad the video helped.


                        i created all the map pieces and then selected all them and did "convert to symbol" which then placed them all in one movie clip which is the main map.

                        there is nothing wrong though with creating the map first and adding pieces afterwards though.



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                          t5t6t7 Level 1

                          hi back again,

                          plz check out what i created based on the code provided by meglomor (thanks by the way).


                          This is a map of states and i  have purposely divided the states according to the different colors as you can see.

                          now the mouseover works only for the states that are on the top.  if you mouse over, the state highlights(orange color) and the text is working now but what i really want is

                          when the mouse is leaving the state, I want the original color back.

                          Below you will find the code I am using and what needs to be included in the mapout function to bring the original color back is really my first question when you mouse out.


                          -Problem #2.  If you look at the tiny states that are in bright red and mouse over them please (there are three). there is a green circle that highlights the states.  I have the three states as buttons so that I can use the green circle thing.    the thing is the code below does not work to display the state name.

                          How do i fix that?


                          import com.greensock.*;




                          map_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, mapOver);
                          map_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, mapOut);




                          map_mc.WesternTigray.storeName = "Western Tigray";
                          map_mc.WesternTigray.phone = "917-897-0987";
                          map_mc.SouthernTigray.storeName = "Southern Tigray";
                          map_mc.SouthernTigray.phone = "917-897-3227";
                          map_mc.AfarZone1.storeName = "Afar-Zone1";
                          map_mc.AfarZone1.phone = "917-897-8376";
                          map_mc.AfarZone2.storeName = "Afar-Zone2";
                          map_mc.AfarZone2.phone = "917-897-8376";
                          map_mc.AfarZone4.storeName = "Afar-Zone4";
                          map_mc.AfarZone4.phone = "917-897-8376";


                          map_mc.NorthGondar.storeName = "North Gondar";
                          map_mc.NorthGondar.phone = "917-897-8376";


                          map_mc.CentralTigray.storeName = "CentralTigray";
                          map_mc.CentralTigray.phone = "917-897-8376";


                          map_mc.EasternTigray.storeName = "EasternTigray";
                          map_mc.EasternTigray.phone = "917-897-8376";


                          function mapOver(e:MouseEvent):void{
                              var mapItem:MovieClip = e.target as MovieClip;
                              description.storeName_txt.text = mapItem.storeName;
                              description.phone_txt.text = mapItem.phone;


                              TweenMax.to(mapItem, .5, {tint:0xFF9900});
                              //Sliding text
                              //TweenMax.fromTo(description, .5, {alpha:0, x:50, blurFilter:{blurX:80}}, {alpha:1, x:10, blurFilter:{blurX:0}});
                          function mapOut(e:MouseEvent):void{
                              var mapItem:MovieClip = e.target as MovieClip;
                              //TweenMax.to(mapItem, .5, {tint:0x990000});

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                            t5t6t7 Level 1

                            ok found the answer to Question #1.  the solution is "    TweenMax.to(mapItem, .5, {removeTint:true});". 

                            Very simple.  now my original color of the state is back once the mouse leaves the state.