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    PS Elements 9, does it support .wmv files?


      I have a Kodak Zi8 videocam and it shoots in .wmv. I have tried for the last year to find some program that willl support .wmv with no luck.


      Just downloaded the 30-day trial of PS Elements 9 and I get a "general file erorr" when trying to import my .wmv movies to the program. I'm beginning to think that .wmv files are crap and that I wasted my $$ on this videocam as I haven't been able to convert, use, edit or play any of my movies - ever. Or, am I just stupid and missing something?


      Sorry, rant over. Anyway, does PS Elements 9 support import of .wmv files, and if so, how do I get it to import. And, if I get that far, should I convert to another file type - and how would I do that??


      All help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!