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    New challenge for myself and everyone else any ideas


      Ok everyone, here is what i need to do. Firstly i have created a simple family tree with boxes which expand with information already stored on it. A simple structure and design.


      How ever what i would like to do is use the same structure but have no information in each box and just let the user who clicks on a box to enter information into each box which should be temporarily stored till the SWF is restarted which eventually makes the box empty again acting as if a new user is going to use it.


      SO basicly does any body know how to allow a box in a swf to be able to accept text imput from the user and store it while running so that when clicked on again it will still be there.



      Also the boxes are buttons which are linked to different points on the timeline which when clicked on plays a motion tweened separate button which acts as the empty box button which grows bigger to give the user interesting effects.



      I do not know if this kind of thing has already been posted on here but i really would appricate it if any one knew how to do this kind of stuff



      thank you