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    PhotoshopCS5 crash: nVidia OpenGL error 8




      My Photoshop CS5 sometimes crashes and I get the error


      The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display
      driver and is unable to continue. The application must close.


      Please visit http://www.nvidia.com/page/support.html for help.
      Error code: 8


      Searching arround I found that some other users have the same problem. But I could find no solutions. Just people moving from nVidia to AMD/ATI.


      I would like to know: is there anything that could be done? I have the last nVidia drivers, I already tried to remove old drivers before installing new ones.
      The strange thing is that this crash seems to happen just 1 time for session. After the first time it happens then I can work witout wondering when the crash will came making me loose part of the job I did...


      Any help would be really wellcome.

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          ITAVittorio Level 1

          The VGA is an nVidia GTX285; the drivers are the 260.99 (but I had the same problems also with older drivers).

          I have no particular problmes with other applications.

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            Joprysko Level 3

            Are you running any other 3d applications?


            I have the same card only in SLI, I just upgraded to the 260.99 drivers today but i was also having it crash previously, but only when i have multiple applications with hooks into the open GL drivers.

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              Joprysko Level 3

              On a side note:


              There is a registry edit that is said to correct the issue.


              I have not tried it nor do I vouch that it works.


              reference post :









              function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

              1. Goto registry editor (start -> run -> regedit)
              2. Navigate  yourself to  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Control/GraphicsDrivers (make  sure GraphicsDrivers is highlighted).
              3. Right click -> New ->  DWORD (32-bit) value -> Name it: TdrDelay -> double click it  -> Set it to A (hexadecimal) or 10 (decimal).
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                dec9 Level 5

                The registry edit is only for testing cards and not a real fix.


                Best bet is to look in windows event viewer for the application error. It is a Nvidia driver error but windows event viewer will tell you what it is.


                Or turn off opengl in Photoshop to see if that fixes it to help find the issue.


                Also using Basic in the PS opengl preference has helped too. There is no difference between advance and basic.

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                  Joprysko Level 3
                  The event viewer is not really going to help either. It does not give you any other information other then what the screen popup states.
                  event viewer.jpg
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                    dec9 Level 5


                    There are other panes to add for more information. But that won't help much with the information already given to you.


                    Not sure if you already tried this but removing the Nvidia drivers and reinstalling them might help.


                    You can also run this Nvidia driver sweeper in the safe mode. This is free and cleans up any remaining Nvidia drivers that may cause conflict.



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                      Joprysko Level 3

                      Actually , while i sometimes have this issue. I know why i do.


                      I have several 3d apps open at the same time all with hooks into the open GL drivers. Open GL drivers are not the best for multitasking 3d applications and as you swap between 3d apps or 3d to 2d  to 3d .. sometimes it hangs as its trying to swap focus.



                      Now other people that are crashing may also have multiple 3d apps open as well, they may not realize that while photoshop has hooks in open GL it is a 3d application.


                      I would recommend that if you are not using 3d features of Photoshop, you turn off the hooks in the open gl driver. That will prevent you from crashing if you are in another 3d app and only using photoshop for 2d. You can do this by going to edit>prefrences)3d and unchecking the box that states "allow direct to screen"


                      If your working on 3d  and forget to turn it on it simply uses software rendering only with out hooking into the video driver and openGL

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                        ITAVittorio Level 1

                        Frist I would relly like to say thak you to all of you.


                        Befor opening this post I tried several solutions, without any result. I am having this problem in the last 2 moths, I don't know what could have happened. I really tried to do everything, in the past I also did a complete sistem format.


                        Of course if I turn off Photoshop OpenGL functions I have no problmes, but I like them and I use them and I paid for them so I want them to work . There is no difference from Advanced to Basic: I get the same crash.


                        I don't think that I am running other OpenGL applications, it could happen that I am using VLC or WindowsMediaPlayer to watch some tutorials, but I get the crash also if I am using only Photshop. The real strange thing about this is that the crash seems to happen only once for each session. I have worked all the day with Photoshop and other programs and I got no problems after the first crash this morning.


                        I used regedit and set it like Joprysko told me to do.


                        I searched in the events but I could find no userfull informations.


                        I tried to use driversweeper to remove the driver. I also used nVflahs to change the BIOS of my VGA with one wiht slower frequecies (I have the OC version of the card). Nothing changed.


                        I think that if I don't find a fast solution I will move to an ATI FirePRO V4800, also because of the 10bit per chanell support that nVidia doesn't seem to have (but this other stuff, not to discuss here).


                        If you have any other suggestion I would really appreciate.

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                          Level 7

                          If you are getting crashes in the GL driver that often, you need to contact NVidia so they can address the problem in the driver.

                          They may not know about the bug, or may need details from someone actually experiencing it before they can fix the bug -- never assume that they know about it and are going to fix it any minute now.

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                            Joprysko Level 3

                            Yea i don't think OCing would matter. I cant reproduce my crash at will or i would play with it more and find a solution.



                            What i am leaning twords is the nvidia control panel settings.


                            Couple things i would do starting with set the "adjust Image Settings With preview"  set that option to Let the 3d application decide.



                            Now, try to crash it. if it crashes you go to step two.


                            Creating a photoshop spacific configuration so that you can mess with the setting and only effect photoshop under manage 3d settings.


                            i would change things like:


                            Now you can do this multiple ways. you can systematicly change each feature one at a time till you find a combo that you no longer crash under, or you can take a best guess shot at what features could be causeing the issue.


                            personally i would guess first .




                            "power management mode" i would set max preformance


                            Then i would see if i crash. if i do next i would


                            Everything with an off option, i would set off.


                            Then see if i crash, if i don't i have it half beat. start turning on options untill you find the one that crashes you.


                            if you still crash, then I see an ATI in your future. 

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                              Joprysko Level 3

                              I just had another thought.



                              Make sure you are not using a screen saver,particularly 3d screen saver, even tho it may not be running, it may have hooks in the gl driver.

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                                ITAVittorio Level 1

                                Today, after doing everything that you suggested to me (I think the only new was the register key) I have experienced no crashes using Photoshop for about 4 hrs. So I am prertty happy.