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    Easy question about Forms


      I downlaoded a

      pdf file. The file properrties are as follows

      Application: Acrobat PDFMAKER 8.1 for word

      Filling of form fileds: allowed.



      I cannot get the hand tool to change so I can fill in the form. Incase that the form was poorly designed and does not have fields to fill in! How can I add text to it.

      I dont care what I have to do, I am an inche away from making the file into an image and then using gimp to add text.


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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          When it indicates that form filling is allowed, what it really means it that it would be allowed if there were form fields present. If the creator of the document did not add form fields, then you're out of luck, unless commenting is allowed and you can use the Typewriter tool.