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    RAID Volume size?

    wb_martin Level 1

      I am new to working with large disk arrays and would appreciate some perspectives about the sizes of volumes that people set up and use.   With 3 x 2TB disks in a RAID3 array on an Areca 1880 controller, I have the option to define one large Volume set (all 4 TB) or several smaller Volumes.


      In thinking about how to configure the volume sets, I  have the following thoughts about using just one large volume:


      • It would likely end up with a complicated file structure over time
      • It  would take forever for Diskeeper to defragment and maintain


      My primary intent is to use the large array for storage/output files - O/S and scratch will be on other, separate physical drives.




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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Whatever disk defragger you use, it will take the same amount of time, or even more, when you have multiple volume sets.


          Using different volume sets is like partitioning single disks, it does not bring you anything apart from more wear and tear and slower perrformance. You have a small, only 4 TB array, so what is the difficulty in keeping it organized? I have a 10 TB array and no problem keeping it organized.


          My advise: Use a single volume set.

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            wb_martin Level 1

            Thanks Harm - useful perspective for starting out.