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    Capture problem


      Hi, I just bought Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and it is my first time working with it, and I love it, but I got tons of problem with capturing video from my camera, I got an Sony HVR-V1U 1080i,  and premiere has lot of problem of recognizing the camera, it only show the device control once in a while, if not, it shows Device Offline on the capture window, and when it recognize the device, when you click on the capture icon, it can take up to 5 minutes before the camera get the signal and start capturing, but still it might stop after the frist scene only. My computer always get the signal when I connect my cam, but I have to restart many times my pc, and adobe premiere pro so it can finaly capture any video.


      My computer is pretty good, intel i7, 6g memory drive, my bus card is 1EEE 1394 firewire.


      I've already been able to capture once but with the same settings I won't be able until I try hundred times. I'm new to premiere so any help would be appreciate. I don't know if it is my preset settings that are not good, or any other settings, but I really need to get this working.


      My cam is hdv but the only time I've been able to capture was with the DV NSTC 48khz, and if any could help to set the best preset for HVR V1U, it would be appreciate!


      Thx in advance for your help!