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    Grouping clips

    zenpicker Level 1

      This appears to have gone missing.  Will it be in v1? 

      When I switched to Mac I limped my way through Logic but this is one (of many) Audition features I found I had trouble living without.  I really, really hope that it hasn't be eliminated through some design decision.  It is indispensable.

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Much of the grouped clip functionality from Audition 3 is unlikely to be implemented in time for release, but it is very high on the feature backlog list. 

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            zenpicker Level 1

            Thanks - you imply (to my wishful ears) that some grouping functionality might make it under the wire.  If so, I would especially suggest the ability to group clips, split and crossfade as a set.  My application is this: I record solo guitar with three or four mikes, no overdubs - a very simple setup that gives me three or four tracks of the identical material.  The very first thing I do at the mix stage is group the four tracks so that I can split, join, crossfade split sections, and so on.  Grouping makes that SO much easier...


            So if you can do anything, just implement split, join and crossfade for groups.  That would make at least one loyal user happy!

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              _durin_ Adobe Employee

              I don't want to get your hopes up.  It is very unlikely that any additional grouping functionality will be available at release, above and beyond the functionality that exists now with multiple clips selected.  For example, right now you can simultaneously trim several clips and split/razor selected clips, but fades are still isolated events and permanent grouping is still unsupported.  I also tend to rely heavily on grouping tools for my personal work, so I'll continue to push for this functionality as Audition moves forward.

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                zenpicker Level 1

                Thanks - to be sure I'm not missing something, in the current beta there's no way to select multiple clips and persist that selection, correct?  Once you click elsewhere the temporary group is "lost," but while it's alive you can coordinate fades etc.  Is that the current functionality?


                Thanks, and sorry for pressing the point!

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                  _durin_ Adobe Employee

                  It's correct that clicking outside of the selected clips will remove the selection.  Fades are not supported in this multiple selection state, though other more destructive edits such as Move, Delete, Trim, Split, etc are.

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                    sam radio

                    Another vote for clip grouping please. Saves so much time when turning complex mixed broadcast material around.

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                      Matt_Stegner Adobe Employee

                      Clip Effects will also be added when spawned from the effects menu (but not from the effects rack).


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                        David Polk Level 1

                        I'd like to second (or third, or fourth) the request to have grouping of clips brought back.  This is such a basic, essential part of my work that I assumed that I must have missed the new location of the function or that perhaps it was renamed to "link" or something like that.  So I came here to figure out where grouping was located, only to discover that it is, indeed, not there at all!


                        Please bring grouping back...I'm not sure that anyone at my company would buy this mac version without it.  It's essential to our radio work.


                        Thank you,

                        David Polk

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                          MYX Level 1

                          Yeah, another vote for grouping. It is a heavily used feature.

                          If it does not meet release... Then please put it in an update. Please do not make use wait a year and a half (Adobe's seemingly usual rotation for releases) or longer (in Auditions case). Please hear htis not as complaint about the current Mac version, but praise for how A3 functions and an enjoyment of feature set.


                          As I have stated previously, I LOVE this program. I would say that this and AE are my two favs from Adobe.