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    Question about Flash iPhone packager


      So since Apple now allows it, Adobe picked up development for it again I heard. My question is, additionally to the possibility of creating iPhone apps from scratch I heard there is a packager that allows you to wrap up Actionscript 3 projects as an iPhone app. I didn't get too many infos about it on google since its mostly the same kind of news turning up.


      Can you use a previously made Actionscript 3 game or do you have to start a new one and make it with the iPhone in mind? If you can use a previously made project how do you customize it for the touch controls? Does the packager change it into a file useable in Flash again to add these features? I'm totally clueless about the possibilities and it would be great if someone could tell me.


      Is it really that I can make an already made as3 game iPhone compatible as long as I have an Apple developer subscription? Or is it limited to simple apps?


      Would love for someone to elaborate this. Thanks