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    Premiere Elements 7 crashes on creating slide show


      Hi Gurus,


      I use Premiere Elements 7 for about 2 years and it works fine when I need to create a film from set of video fragments.

      But I also need to create slide shows from pictires.

      For some reason PRE7 crashs on building such slide show (at least, this is valid for a long enough slide show). It happens not always on the same slide, but approximately at the same percentage of the slide show to be built.


      I run PRE7 on Windows XP, SP3 32-bit


      What may be a reason of this crash? Conflict with some other software, installed on my computer? Lacking resources (I have 4 GBytes of memory, but Win 32-bit uses only 3.25 GBytes)? Known bug?


      I tried to install the trial version of PRE9, but the result was even worse: it crashed even more quickly than PRE7. i.e. less slides were processed before the crash.


      Any suggestion that can help to solve this issue will be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,