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    Premiere Elements 9 Project Media View List & Icon Icons Gone

    A.T. Romano Level 7

      Today at another forum that I frequent, a Premiere Elements 9 user was distressed because he could not find the List (Ctrl + Page Up) & Icon (Ctrl _ Page Down) icons that were found in the prior version of the Project Media View. The Icon view was particularly useful for sorting media before dragging to the Timeline or for the Create Slideshow feature. Now in Premiere Elements 9, all you have are your media in a list format with no option to sort.


      This person simultaneously posted his question at another forum for which he received a reply and a workaround  which included going into the Elements Organizer/Create/SlideShow Editor and create a slideshow that could be outputted (Edit in Premiere Elements) back into Premiere Elements 9. I would take issue with that suggested approach since I believe that there is an easier and quicker workaround to overcome the inconvenient loss of those features in Premiere Elements 9 Project Media View.


      First, the questions and then my workaround for this situation

      Does anyone know if Adobe is aware of this situation and intends to correct this oversight or intentional change in features?

      Has anyone come up with his/her favorite workaround for this matter?


      Bottom Line for my workaround: From Premiere Elements 9 workspace, go to Elements Organizer workspace and create a sorted album of the media brought into Premiere Elements 9 Get Media/Files & Folders. Then exist Elements Organizer, opening to Premiere Elements workspace where one uses Filter by: Select Album and does just that.


      I will post a step by step on my suggested workaround if requested.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Hey, Tony! Why are you talking about me like I'm not even in the room. I'm right here -- as well as on the Muvipix forum. You could just ask me directly why I recommended what I recommended.


          I'm the one who suggested on the http://Muvipix.com forum that the user go to the Elements Organizer and use Create Slide Show as an alternative, since Adobe removed the ability to order your slides before using the Create Slideshow tool from Premiere Elements.


          It's clearly an intentional omission on Adobe's part. The buttons have been removed completely from the interface.


          The issue was that, since you can no longer set the Project panel to Icon View, you can no longer drag the slides into order before creating your slideshow.


          Does creating an ordered Album in the Organizer, as you suggest, and then opening it in Premiere Elements' Media panel get you to the Create Slideshow tool? I didn't know that.


          Can you share how it's done?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            I was trying to be discreet and have us still remain friends, so I did not mention the responder at the other forum by name or place. You let the cat out of the bag. OK, no offense taken please, but I thought that your workaround "Elements Organizer/Create/Slideshow/Edit With Premiere Elements" was "not so good" a choice. I will owe up to that.


            None of the workarounds are as good as the Adobe Icon View of prior version, but....


            Workaround 1. If your interest is getting sorted photos for using the Create Slideshow Feature in Project Media View. The secret is to put the photos in a Folder and then move the photos around in the Folder. I can go into the choreography on that if need be. Then highlight all the photos in the Folder, select Create Slideshow. Even if you do not go the Create Slideshow route, this is one way to get sorted photos for the Timeline.


            Workaround 2. If the Create Slideshow feature is not involved. Going the create Album route in Elements Organizer.


            Premiere Elements 9 Get Media/Files and Folders

            Add Media Dialog

            Select photos, Click Open


            Select Organizer in the row above the line of Organize/Edit/Disc Menus/Share to open the Elements Organizer.


            In the Elements Organizer, go to the Albums category and expand that category, then click on the green cross, and select New Album. On that right side of the Elements Organizer you will see a window with two tabs, Content and Sharing. Select Content and drag your media from the major window on the left to the Content window on the right. Name the album and click Done.


            You will then see your Album name listed in the Album’s category. Click the green icon to the left of the Album name. When you do, you will see thumbnails for your photos numbered sequentially in the major window on the left side of the Elements Organizer. Sort the photos there as you want them arranged on the Timeline.Then exit Elements Organizer via File Menu/Exit.


            The Premiere Elements Organize workspace will open. Go to the Filter by: Select Album and do just that, selecting the sorted album that you just created. Highlight the photos  and drag them to the Timeline.


            That is what I have come up with so far. I have been doing a lot of retesting of the principle to make sure that it would work more than just the first time.


            What do you think? Contribution or first class dud??




            Just another possible variation on the thought with regard to Create Slideshow....it might merit thinking about numerically or alphabetically ordering your photos in a Folder beforehand and then bringing the Folder into Premiere Elements so that you have the Folder in Project Media View...Select All...Right Click Highlight....Create Slideshow?????

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Please don't ever hesitate to confront me if you've got better ideas, Tony. That's how I learn! Besides, we've both worked together on these forums too long to ever lose respect for each other.


              A couple of questions about your workflows though:


              Workaround 1: Since in version 9, the Project panel only displays the video and still clips in List View, you can't arrange their order the way you could in Icon View. You can force orders, by creating columns of metadata or by naming the files in alpha-numeric order. But I don't know that you can just drag them into order. If you know a way, I'd love to learn it.


              Workaround 2: Works great, for the most part, just as you describe it. Unfortunately, in the end you're just dragging the collection of photos to the timeline. I guess that's a slideshow -- but where are the automatic tools for adding transitions and/or pans & zooms? You get both of those if you use my method, the Create Slide Show tool in the Elements Organizer.


              You've certainly given me some things to think about though!

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                About Workflow 1. You can do the ordering without having to consider any numerical or alphabetical business.

                a. Import the photos

                b. Go to the Project Media View

                c. Click on the Folder Icon to create a Folder.

                d. Drag your photos into the Folder, first one first, and so on.

                e. Select All

                f. Right click the Highlight and select Create Slideshow.

                g. When those photos hit the Timeline, they will be in the order that you set up in the Folder independent of file name.


                The trick to reordering the photos once ordered in the Folder is to move a given photo (thumbnail) to its left to move it out of the Folder and then drag it back into the Folder icon to work on a new ordering.


                About Workflow 2.

                Create Slideshow incorporates setting either the default image duration OR default transition for the group of photos to be in the slideshow that hits the Timeline. No pans and zooms involved with its use.

                But you have forgotten about the grand perk of Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1 and Premiere Elements 9.

                Once those ordered photos are on the Timeline, all you do is highlight them, go to Timeline Menu and select Apply Default Transitions which it does for all the photos.

                As for automatic pans & zooms, to what were you referring? That is not part of that Create Slideshow Feature. If you are talking about that as an asset for the Elements Organizer/Create/Slideshow editor, those pans & zooms there did not always translate well in Premiere Elements. The pans & zooms often were best done in Premiere Elements with the presets or keyframing. And, you can apply the same pan & zoom preset to more than one photo at a time in Premiere Elements. I do not know why you would. So, the one at a time pans & zooms probably are preferred.


                Did I convince you yet?