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    Transcoding Fails in CS5, but works on CS4


      Maybe this is an easy one, but...


      On the exact same workstation, if I export and it starts transcoding either directly in Premier or goes to Encore, CS5 will get 90 something percent of the way done, and just fail with a general error, but CS4, no problemo..


      I read somewhere that there was issues pulling things in off of flash drives or USB, so I even took that out of the mix and put it all in one folder on one drive.


      Fails at the end, every time on CS5, works like a charm on CS4. What is up with that? I'm all updated, and so forth..  Super simple 10 minute project..


      If it matters, I can export to the media encoder and it works fine in CS5, but when it's time to transcode or go to encore and transcode, no joy on CS5.


      Thanks for any help or ideas,