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    Line added to movie clip doesn't appear

    Chris McLaughlin Level 1



      I'm trying to add a line to a movie clip.  When I trace the width of the lineadded  it traces correctly, but the line doesn't appear.  If I do everything the same but add the line to the stage instead of the movie clip it does appear.  I know this is one of those cases where I can't see the forest fro the trees but I sure would appreciate any insight you can give me.


      Here's the relevant code:


      var xAxis = new Shape();
      xAxis.graphics.lineStyle(2, 0x000000, 1)
      xAxis.graphics.moveTo(startX, startY);
      xAxis.graphics.lineTo(maxX, startY)
      xAxis.name = "xAxis_mc"



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      Chris McLaughlin