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    recommending Mac OSX v10.6.5

    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

      It appears that in Mac OSX v10.6.5, Apple has fixed a bug that was causing Audition and other programs to crash when opening/importing files under some common conditions.


      Specifically, the bug relates to crashes when files were imported when the Finder was in Columns view or when Quick Look previews were used in the Finder.


      If you update to Mac OSX v10.6.5 and experience any new problems, please let us know. Also, let us know if updating seems to fix some issues for you.

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          Is the bug also in OSX 10.5 (i.e. do I need to upgrade to Snow Leopard) ?

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            _durin_ Adobe Employee

            I don't think that it reproduces in 10.5, but I don't know that for a fact.  The bug is related to QuickLook on OS X and the in-Finder preview tool.  I wouldn't rush out and upgrade if you don't need to and aren't experiencing this problem with Audition or other applications.

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              SecretSam Level 1

              Cool thanks

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                I'm on 10.5.8 and so far so good with using Audition Beta on my Mac Book Pro.

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                  Running OSX 10.6.6(imac 27"), m-audio firewire solo, glyph

                  external hard drives.  Have had ZERO problems so far.

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                    The 8ft Canuck

                    I'm running 10.6.6 on a newer MacBook Bro 15" with a Focussrite Saffire Pro24 and I am regularly having to delete all prefs and reinitialise Audition in order to get audio to actually playback on the device not just appearing to do so.  Getting Annoyed

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                      I'm also getting no playback sometimes.


                      Workarounds are:

                      1. Open Audition while holding shift (deletes preferences)
                      2. Record something (anything)



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                        The 8ft Canuck Level 1

                        I've also had to do this, as well as the following: 

                        In Finder, click your username, then Library > Preferences > Adobe > Audition   and rename the 4.0 folder (or move it to the trash.)


                        Unfortunately trashing your preferences every time it happens is more than a little annoying.

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                          I installed AA4 on my MacBook Pro 5,3 to eliminate the Mac Pro hardware and any preference contamination. AA4 crashed after about 30 minutes in record mode but recorded for an hour after relaunch.


                          So, this pointed to the Edirol UA-4FX. Updating the Edirol driver fixed the pausing problem.


                          The extreme zoom situation when entering record mode is still present - even with the Edirol disconnected and AA4 switched to the analog line input. This doesn't happen very often (and always after a fresh launch), but when this happens the beachball spins forever.




                          My original conclusions on inadvertent pausing and crashing during recording were incorrect. This is an edited version of what I think is happening.


                          Recording problems occur with both OS 10.5.8 and 10.6.x, but got worse after the 10.6.5 update.


                          During a long recording (hours in 10.5 and half-hours in 10.6.5), the waveform unexpectedly stops scrolling at random times, giving the impression that the recording has paused itself. The main counter predictably freezes when scrolling stops. HOWEVER, the duration to the right of the file name continues advancing, which means that recording is still progressing.


                          After pressing the spacebar to stop the recording, the beachball spins for what seems forever, giving the impression of a crash. I waited this out today, and the beachball eventually stopped spinning. But, it took another interminable wait until the file was finally ready for playback and editing.


                          Also, when entering record mode right after an AA4 launch, the waveform display sometimes goes to an extreme zoom situation where just a few waveform samples are shown. The beachball then spins for long enough for impatient users like me to assume a crash situation. This does not happen all of the time. I also waited this one out today, and normal recording eventually started.



                          MacPro 3,1 8-core, 6GB RAM.


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                            Pam Farris

                            Thank you for the download as I just purchased an IMAC 10 days ago. At first I was so dissappointed in the sound quality, the crashes,etc, but (as I get to know my mac I realized I had not initialized the Mac OSX v10.6.5. At first try (about 1am!) i noticed a big difference. Today I will try to work on it more. I have not unplugged my PC yet with my Adobe Audition 2.0 until I get these issues down. Also how many days is the download good for? Must I purchase new software after a certain period? I an a voiceover talent, should I purchase another Adobe software (Cold Fusion?) Most of my contemporaries suggest nothing less than Pro Tools or or Logic Pro Studio. it seems the trends are never ending and I am happy with Adobe Audition. Any suggestions are appreciated.