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    How to stop automatic updates


      I NEED Adobe reader, but I do not want any software to break into my computer and force itself on me.


      I have had my preferences properly formatted for months ("do not download or install") but Adobe ignores the Preferences (both home and at work) and several times a day tries to update.  I have gone through my registry and deleted Adobe auto everything and Adobe ARM.  Still get update nags.  I have gone through all my Temp files and deleted everything I can find, including several identical files!


      I am tired of being interrupted by Reader wanting to  download, plus I resent the program's rapacious behavior.  How can I stop this?  How can I teach Adobe that NO MEANS NO?


      I'm sure there's something to be done that I haven't figured out.  Please help me.



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          LeoAdobeX Adobe Employee

          All you have to do is to go to the menu Edit\Preferences\Updater

          and disable auto updates.

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            moorpheus Level 1

            I guess you missed the part where I said I have done that repeatedly and that it doesn't work.


            Wprse, it resets itself.  Last night, each time I went in, it continue to say it was disabled, today, up an update popped again. I just went to Reader and it is reset to "automatically download but let me choose when to install."


            So, further, where does it download to and what is the name of the file.  Maybe, if I know the exact file to delete, I'll be more successful.


            This is a royal PITA.

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              LeoAdobeX Adobe Employee

              Here is what you also mentioned -

              " I have gone through my registry and deleted Adobe auto everything .."


              If setting is missing, the default is "Download and ask me to install", which is what you seems to get.

              You need to set iCheck DWORD value in the registry below to 0 if you want to disable auto completely.


              HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Adobe\Adobe ARM\1.0\ARM     on 64bit OS


              HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe ARM\1.0\ARM     on 32bit OS


              Do not delete any files - it will not help, but can lead to unforeseen issues with the application.

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                moorpheus Level 1

                Leo, that makes sense to me.  I'll check it out.  FWIW, I just went to Reader, and it hadn't been changed and the updateer didn't come on.


                I really hope that's it, cuz it has been driving me nuts and makes me growl.


                Thanks!!!  I'll get back.

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                  Although you have not written which version you are using of Acrobat reader, I would like to suggest a solution for the problem in version 8.0.


                  This is what I found in the Acrobat help




                  Change updating preferences


                  1.                               Choose Help > Check For Updates.

                  2.                               In the Adobe Updater dialog box, click Preferences.

                  3.                               Select Automatically Check For Adobe Updates, and specify whether you want automatic checking on a weekly or monthly basis and whether or not you want to be asked before updates are downloaded.

                  4.                               Make sure that the application you are running (Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat) is selected as the software that will be updated.

                  5.                               If appropriate, click Browse to navigate to the location in which you want the downloads to be placed.


                  Remember that after clicking 'Check for...' you let it show you the 'Preferences' button/link.



                  And on pressing it you will be shown  a screen with a check box



                  Uncheck the check box and you would have stopped the auto-updates.