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    lost media links

    Fletcher Christian

         I am composing a large sequence of still photos from Photoshop and keep losing links. I have to constantly relink media, and even worse, I have to link the files individually. Can't PP permanently link these pics? If not, can't I simply point to the folder where ALL these files are located and have them all relinked (in the same fashion as InDesign?). I am wasting colossal amounts of time and really need an answer.




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          shooternz Level 6

          I assume your media files are on an external or network drive?


          If they are on a local (internal) drive...it is unlikely that they will unlink.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            As Craig mentions, the location of the Assets is probably the biggest cause for broken links. Those links are an absolute Path, and if anything changes, the links will be broken. Can you give us the complete details on the location of those Assets?


            PrPro is very good at maintaining links, so long as nothing changes in the Path. I have one Project, worked on for two years, with 3000+ stills, 100's of MOV, 100's of AVI and lots of other Assets. These are all in a Project folder structure on a FW-800 HDD, but I have its drive letter set in the OS of all of my computers, so that it is ALWAYS seen as Y:\. I move this Project between several computers, and not one link has ever been lost - over two years of editing.


            One can Open the PRPROJ file in NotePad, and view the absolute Path links, as the file is but an XML database. So long as the computer, and PrPro can see those absolute Paths, the links should be retained. If nothing has changed with the Paths, then something is very, very wrong.


            Good luck,



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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              If they are on a local (internal) drive...it is unlikely that they will unlink.


              Unless the hard drive is going bad.  This is something you may want to watch out for.

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                Fletcher Christian Level 1



                Thanks for the insights. Indeed, I'm saving my media files onto an outboard drive. Thought dedicating one drive strictly for media files was a good idea- little did I know that I was creating a problem, not a solution! The part two question remains-- is there a way to locate the folder on the installed drive and have PP relink all the media without updating them one-at-a-time.


                Thanks again-- to all three answers


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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  If Premiere asks you where your files are when you open up the project, just find the one it's first asking for and select it; assuming all of your other files are in the same relative locations as they were when you last had all the media online, everything should automatically relink.


                  However, if you're already past that point, and staring at a bunch of red "Media Offline" placeholders, all is not lost. Just select your bin/bins that contain the offline clips (or if the stuff isn't in bins, just select everything), right-click, and select Link Media. Navigate to the first file that Premiere requests, and link it; everything else will be relinked recursively.

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                    Fletcher Christian Level 1

                    Thanks Colin, that clears a lot of questions up and cuts down my "to do" list when linking the off-line media.


                    I appreciate your time.