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    Launching a second debug session closes the first one


      Hello everyone,


      I dont know its just me or others are also having this problem. I had been developing a pretty simple socket based flex application(server side is java) in XP without any issue until I migrated to WIN7 64bit and upgraded to the lastest flash debug player today.



      Whenever I launch a second debug session of my application, this warning will popup. I know I can disable this message but my first debug session gets closed everytime the second debug session started. Another fun fact I noticed is that this issue is not happening when I use IE8 as the debug web browser, only occurs when I am using firefox 3.6.12. I also tried to disconnect my network connection and reinstall the previous version of flash debug player but same issue again. My flex version is not changed before and after(4.1). I do need to lauch miltiple debug sessions during my development and I could only do so using IE8 now.... Anyone knows how I can get around this? Any insights are appreciated.