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    Create summary file as part of export and send with photos via ftp?


      I've looked this forum quite a bit tonight, but I'm under a tight deadline, so I'm going ahead and posting.  Excuse me if I'm asking something that is answered elsewhere in the forum.


      I need to add a step to a custom FTP export plugin that will generate a summary file of the export, including some user input information.


      Can anyone point me to a specific tutorial or sample for this type of thing?  This would be something similar to LR/Transporter, but need to be included in the same plugin, not as an extra step by the user (i.e., it could be a post processing action, but can't be another whole plugin and step for the Lightroom user).


      Essentially being able to generate either an XML, CSV or general text file that would be FTP'd along with the photos, with custom data written into that file that would include data provided by the user in custom dialog during the export process.


      Thanks in advance,


      Ed M.