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    Hello again, how to apply Track Matte, Moving Gaussian Blur or Mosiac on Premiere Elements 7.0

    Dale Beech



      I am trying to do the same sort of affect as is done on the TV show COPS. I wish to blur out various faces on my videos. I have many many hours of video with faces that need to be blured out


      I contacted you guys more than a year ago about instructions on how to do a moving Gaussian Blur or Mosiac on my videos... Preferably using this Track Matte, as apparently it makes the job a lot easier. ON PREMIERE ELEMENTS 7.0


      I appreciate many of you trying to help, back then, but very few of you gave any instructions on how to do this on Elements 7.0


      Most of you gave instruction on how to do on Elements 2 3 4 etc etc. We went all though this before Elements 7.0 is different.


      I need EXACT directions on how to do this on Elements 7.0


      Reading over all of our correspondence, from more than a year ago, and you guys make a "little" bit more sence to me.


      But still not enough to do the job.


      Way back then I payed a teacher to try to make sence of what you guys were saying and after a lot of time and effort on his part, he understood "bit's" of what you guys were saying... And then he taught me. And we could kind of "half" do it... It was satisfactary.


      BUT now I have forgotten how we did it, AND this man has moved to another location.


      So I am right back to square one again.


      A bit of time has passed now, since Elements 7 came out, surely adobe or one of it's employees, or some kind soul.  Has made the effort to expalin "step by step", no shortcuts, step by step, every single detail needed to do this on Elements 7.0?


      Maybe even put out a YouTube video?


      I am sure this is an effect that many people would like to use... The procedure, still seems to me to be extreamily complicated, a person would need supernatural abilitys to "guess" how to do this, without a face to face teacher or  COMPLETE, EXACT, STEP BY STEP instructions, NO shortcuts, No assumtions that the owner of Elements 7 has ever owned any prievious Elements, (2, 3, 4 etc)


      EXACT step by step instructions, how to do on Elements 7.0.... I can follow instructions.


      Really? Isn't it time for Adobe to FULLY explain how to do this? In full, or even on a tuitorial



      I really really really want to, need to, do this... This is why I bought Elements 7.0 in the 1st place.


      I would go to school and learn how to do it, only, it seems to be impossible to find anybody in Brisbane, Queensland Australia who will teach this. I am sure I could learn how to do this in half an hour with a teacher looking over my shoulder.


      Other Capitals in Australia,  apparently have Adobe Elements teachers, but not Brisbane.


      There is people in Brisbane who will teach me Final Cut Pro... But I cannot seem to be able to find anybody to teach Premiere Elements.


      This is sooo frustrating for me.


      Please, surely, I am not asking too much? For Adobe to get one of their employee's to explain, step by step, not leaving out ANY details, how to do this on Elements 7.0


      Or surely, there is some kind soul here, in this forum, who will explain it. In full. How to do on Elements 7.0   Not anything else, how to do on Elements 7.0


      GENUINE assistance needed please Adobe


      Please, please please help, somebody help.





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I give you step by step instructions, with illustrations, on how to create this effect in my "Cool Tricks & Hot Tips for Adobe Premiere Elements" book.



          Check out the sample chapter. You'll see information on using the Track Matte to create this effect.


          If it works for you, maybe you'll reward me by ordering a copy of the book!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            While not exactly what you are looking for, i.e. blurring just the faces, this written TUTORIAL tells you how to do the Track Matte Keying. The difference for you is that you would create the Matte for the size and shape of the faces. I talk about "highlighting" a moving object, and in your case, the Blur Effect would be added in the dupe Clip, and then limited by the Matte for the faces.


            Here is a TUTORIAL on blurring faces, though for an earlier version of Premiere. Still, the method is the same in PrE.


            Here is a TUTORIAL on "softening skin tones" that is the same thing, except you need more Blur.


            Maybe those will get you going, until Steve's excellent book arrives.


            Good luck,



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              Dale Beech Level 1

              Thank you so much Steve and Bill,


              I had a look at Steves step by step instructions. Sir, you have gone to sooo much effort to explain this process.


              That sample chapter that you present is a real credit to you.


              But to my UTTER frustration, I still cannot do it!!!


              I guess that is my problem, I think a lot of people with a basic unterstanding of Adobe 7 will understand your directions.


              For me there is still a couple of bits and peices that you do not explain well enough for my very limited understanding of adobe.


              I put about 8 hours into trying to follow you directions, when you 1st replyed to me about a month ago..... I failed, very disapointing.


              I intended to keep trying, and get back to you after I succeeded.. But I just don't have the time in my life, to waist hours and hours and not succeed.


              I really don't think I will EVER understand it, untill I can find the time to read the entire Adobe Premire Elements 7 manual, (and that I dread), or find a teacher in the Brisbane, Queensland, Australia area.


              I have copied your instructions, and maybe I can show it to a potential teacher "one day".


              It has had to fall into the "too hard" basket for me... very dissapointing.


              There is just sooo little that I can do with adobe... I can cut and stick bits together. I have even made a hit YouTube video with 60,000 views... I can film, I did part time schooling for that.


              But no body around here to teach adobe.... Only final cut pro. which I will probably have to do one day. Get the apple mac and everything... because I HAVE to do this stuff.


              The most annoying thing about it for me is, I know, that anybody who understands how to to this could teach me face to face in about 20 minutes.


              But there is nobody in Brisbane to teach this stuff.


              You have to admit... that what you are explaining is extraordinarly complicated..... To me it seems unnesersarely overcomplicated. I dunno, I cannot understand why Elements cannot be more intuative.


              I really do wonder, how many people out there are like me... They buy the software, and after getting nowhere, throw it in the corner and never use it again.



              You know there would be one more thing that could possibly help an editing dummy like me? A YouTube video explaing it.


              I found this young man on YouTube who explains quite a few Elements tricks very well. He is quite a good editor and adobe teacher


              I asked him if he could do a video on this moving blur, but he dosen't understand it either.


              I really do think that many people with this software would LOVE to do a moving blur, if only they could understand how to.



              Anyway I really appreciate your attempts to help me. It looks like you have written an EXCELLENT book. I may even buy it one day, you never know.


              I costs many $1000 to switch to Final Cut Pro.. And I HAVE to do something, I have 35 hours of Great video footage, some of it video GOLD.. And it has just sat around unedited or two years.


              Words cannot describe how frustrated I am :-(




              Your sincerley,



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                nealeh Level 5

                There are two books that I recommend to get you going:

                • Steve Grisetti's book muvipix guide to PRE that takes you through the product step-by-step and uses example files that are installed with PRE.
                • And Adobe's own Classroom in a Book that covers similar ground.


                Also available from muvipix are free tutorials on getting going with PRE. These are well presented with plain language and should quickly get you started. Note that parts one to four are free. Once you have experience with the basics there are also subscription options.


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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Meantime -- while you're waiting for my book to arrive -- you can try this quick trick.


                  Put your video on Video 1 and a duplicate of it, without the audio, on Video 2, directly above it.


                  Blur or, better, apply the Mosaic effect to the video on Video 2.


                  Apply the 4-point Garbage Matte to the video on Video 2. Right-click on the clip and select Show Properties.


                  In the Properties panel, open the Garbage Matte properties and position the four corner points so that only the area you want to blur is within them.


                  If you need to, you can keyframe the locations of these corner points so that the blur follows a moving person or object.


                  Should take about 5 minutes.