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    Playhead positioning / playing


      Appologies if this has been brought up before now.


      Am I right in thinking earlier versions of Audition used to let you begin playing the audio and resume from wherever you positioned the dotted (sorry forgot its name) playhead ?  Having to stop the playhead to replay from a new position seems slightly odd.


      Hope that makes sense.  Not infront of the Mac / PC at the moment to explain in more detail.





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          Scott Carver Level 1

          Not sure exactly what you're asking, but here are a few bits of info that might be helpful:


          • There's a preference to control whether or not your CTI returns to it's starting position when you stop playback in Preferences->Playback. There's also a keyboard shortcut to toggle this mode, shift+x. If it's off, the CTI will remain at the location you stopped it at.


          • You can jump to any location during playback by clicking on the timeline (clicking in the waveform view itself allows you to make selections, but won't move the CTI during playback).


          Scott C

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            I'm going to have to jump onto my pc to test, but I remember that you used to be able to click anywhere on the waveform while audio was playing and playback would follow the cursor. I like that behavior much better.

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              _durin_ Adobe Employee

              You can reposition the playhead during playback by clicking in the timeline ruler.  Clicking in the waveform during playback will reset the position that the playhead returns to when playback stops.