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    Re: RH8 Import from Word- Table size


      This post relates to my previous post about problems when importing a word document into RH8. I imported, then changed the size of all tables in the doc to 100% (as opposed to a specific size setting), and then generated:

      • In the .htm (Web Help), the text is falling off the page not only in long paragraphs in the tables, but also in any long paragraphs; the bread crumbs are also falling off some long pages.
      • In the chm , the tables expanded properly, but the text in the tables did not stretch out to fill the extra room in each row. The text is not falling off the screen in either the tables or the regular text.
      • In the Adobe Air, everything appears correctly, but I would like the search results to appear in the side toc pane, not the main pane.


      What settings should I be changing and how. TIA