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    OpenGl has become an issue??

    lchapman66 Level 1

      My CS5 system has an Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 that has been hacked to work with MPE. I am now having issues

      in Premiere Pro with MPE enabled and causing crashes "lost connection with Graphics Driver" . . . . there is

      another thread about that.   All seems fine with MPE in s/w only mode.   I have now discovered that

      After Effects is mis-behaving (video when scrubing in corrupt, but ram previews play fine).  If I turn-off

      the use of OpenGl in AE things work fine.


      I am at a loss.  I rolled back the Nividia drivers to 258.96 with no change.  I am now running on the

      current drivers 260.99.


      All my Adobe CS5 apps are current (5.0.2 for Pr, 10.0.1 for AE).


      I guess it could be a h/w issue with the card but I can't find any non-Adobe apps that have problems.

      Is there a graphics card diagnostic/execiser I could try??


      Since this is my primary edting station I don't have many other apps on it.  I played an HD video with

      Quicktime Pro, and played a BD using PowerDVD - both seemed fine.