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    My Illustrator does not allow me to change colors using swatches panel. Help pleas.

    devc99 Level 1

      Few days ago I started having strange problems with my Illustrator CS5 application. I am using MacBook Pro with Intel Processor.  After major update on the Mac OS  few days ago  I noticed I can not change colors in my drawings using swatches panel. The function on my Illustrator CS5 stopped working.  When I select object and try to change its fill or stroke color using fill and stroke from the options bar above work space,  none of the swatches would work.  The are there how ever nothing hapends when I select them, the color remains the same.The same thing happens if I try to use the swatch panel, I select the object then I try to select new color from swatch but the fill or stroke does not change. I can only change color on my drawings using the color panel but that is not useful for me since I need to get precise colors using approved color swatches ether from pantone library or approved by client.

      The other strange thing is my selection tool does not deselect when I click outside on or of the artboard, the object remains selected until I reselect another object or use the keyboard short cut to deselect it.

      I have tried various options to resolve the issue from deleting and reseting preference to completely uninstalling and  reinstalling Illustrator CS5. I even installed back my old CS4 version because I had to complete a project  and the same issue is happens there as well. I also reset the application using Time Machine from few months ago when it was working correctly. What happens when I reset or reinstall the app, it works for  about 10 min correctly as it should and and then it reverts to the same problem. I am out of options and do not know what else I could  do to fix this. Right now I am working on my old Mac tower G5 and CS4 where everything works as it is suppose to, but I really need to get this fixed. Can any one help or has solution for my problem? Please.