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    "linking" layers for a rotation over time....

    David Zeno Level 1

      hi everyone,


      Ok, hopefully a good question I'll ask here.........


      I have a picture frame, and some video of my son., and a title that I want to show up on the picture frame.


      Picture frame is a simple graphic in .png format.

      Video is just plain simple video I shot with my video cam.


      I have the video on layer 1 , and the picture frame above it on layer 2, and on layer 3 I have a title "Happy Birthday"


      Now, I want to rotate the picture frame ( and Happy Birthday title )  a little bit at specific times along the time line..... but this now brings up a problem.


      How do I rotate both the picture frame, the "Happy Birthday" title, AND the video at the-same-time ? ... is this possible ?


      Sure, I could manually dupicate the keyframes, but I'm wondering if there is a way I can do this, with some sort of linking process,

      or perhaps I'm simply out of luck.


      Thanks for your time gentlemen !