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    Deleting files in Adobe Reader 9


      I'm a court reporting student and I need to send in my steno notes for homework assignments. My transcription program came with a "pdf995" printer driver that allows me to save my steno notes in .pdf format. From my transcription program, I got to print setup, select pdf995 printer, then go to print, select steno and Adobe Reader opens the document for me.


      The problem I'm having is that I get a running document of ALL my work, for example, say pages 1-51, and my new assigment is only 14 pages long, I end up getting all the pages, 1-51.  I am never able to get a fresh new document with the 14 pages that I need and  I am unable to delete any of the previous steno notes or text from previous assignments.  So what I then have to do is, highlight only the pages (3-15) of steno that I wish to save and then copy/paste them into a word document for homework submission.


      This is really time consuming, and just adds to my already time-demanding work of high-speed dictation practice.


      Does anyone have a clue how to delete previously saved files in Adobe Reader 9?  If so, I'd be forever grateful.


      If what I've said is a bit unclear, let me know and perhaps I can explain it better in a regular e-mail, with attachments.


      Thanks in advance.



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