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    Word document links not functioning

    Tina Z-B

      Hi - I am using RH HTML, version 8.  I have a topic that uses an existing Word document as content.  The existing Word document contains links to other documents. When I link to the Word document in RH, the links in the Word document do not function.  When I view the topic in the generated output (MS HTML Help), there are icons where the other documents are placed (these icons indicate the type of document - another Word document, an Excel doc and such).  However, when I click on the icons, no actions occur.


      When I open the Word document using Word, the icons appear in Word.  When I click the icon the other document opens.  I believe these other documents were inserted as objects.


      Is there a way to get these links to function?


      When I create the topic in RH, I use 'create copy and link'.


      Any help would be appreciated!