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    problems with friends entry


      I have today downloaded photoshop express. I have opened a few new group albums and downloaded all the pictures to these albums in the photoshop organizer. I have also invited friends on "group album properties" and have had those invited to change role from "invited" to "collaborator". However I have tried to enter "My friends" function from the "My library" and the new page opens up, but the page is emty. I get the message "your friends list is emty". how do i enter my friends name there?...and should not my friends that I already invited in my group albums show up here?

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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          Friends are different than people you invite to Group Albums.


          When you 'Friend' someone on Photoshop.com, and the friend agrees, then you will receive automatic notifications each time that person adds or updates a public album on Photoshop.com. Similarly, whenever you add a new item to your public gallery on ps.com, your friends will be notified. Saves you the time and hassle of having to send those notices to all your friends yourself, manually.


          Group Ablums, on the other hand, can involve anybody. You can see who is involved in a Group Album by clicking the "Manage Collaborators" link in the Settings dialog for that Group Album. When you have a Group Album 'relationship', then anyone participating in the Group Album is able to view and contribute their photos to the common photo 'pool', which is the Group Album.