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    recording of peer-to-peer dialog in a file


      Sory for my English. It is not very good.


      My questions are:


      1. how can i record in a file (mp3, waw etc.) an audio of a peer to peer dialog wich uses adobe stratus server?

      application runing in AIR or in flash player - for me it doesn't matter.


      2. how can i record an audio of a dialog in a file (avi or swf etc) with video information, but not webcam video, but with something happening in my UIComponent situated in my application. For eg. in this component every second a line is drawing using random coordinates.


      Pay attention to that fact, for me it doest matter wich format - it may be swf movie or avi file


      Help me plz, or show the direction i should dig


      tx for all!