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    css "position" declaration triggers "Apply Source Formatting" command

      I am using Dreamweaver MX on Mac OSX. Every time I have a stylesheet (whether internal or external) with a position declaration, the "Apply Source Formatting" command runs. I've done a few experiments. I stripped out all of the positioning info in an external style sheet, formatted my code the way I like it, then closed and reopened. No change. Had both the html doc and the stylesheet side by side. The instant I added a position declaration and saved the stylesheet I saw the code get reformatted. Did the same thing with an internal stylesheet; same results.

      I work largely in code view and like my code broken up a certain way, so it's very disconcerting to have this going on. I've only recently started using the positioning components of CSS, so I did not have this problem before. How do I get around this?