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    Question about Transitions in a Canvas


      Greetings all.


      I have an Application which is basically a ViewStack, contained in a TabBar.  Each of the five items is a separate Canvas, and the user selects one of the five tabs to navigate around the Application.  All the logic is in the individual Canvases.


      In a Canvas, I want to put some animations on the state changes.  When I put the <s:Transition> code directly following the <s:states>, I get an error that says "'Transition' declaration must be contained within the <Declarations> tag since it does not implement 'mx.core.IUIComponent'.  So I move it into <Declarations>, and the error goes away, but the animations never run.


      I start with a very simple Transition, like so:

              <s:Transition fromState="display" toState="edit" >
                      <s:Move target="{nameField}" />


      "nameField" gets repositioned to its new spot in the "edit" state, but there's no animation.


      Alternatively, this gives the same result:

              <s:Transition fromState="display" toState="edit" >
                  <s:Sequence target="{nameField}" >
                      <s:Move yTo="300" />


      Am I doing something philosophically wrong here?


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,