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    Nook ebook to Kobo Authorizations


      I originally had an ereader that primarily used the barnes and noble nook books, I have since retured that one and purchased another one.  In the meantime I purchased a book through barnes and noble which is just an .epub format which should work but everytime I try to open the book it states that I have to authorize my device which I have already done.  Anybody else having this issue?

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          jespit Level 1

          I basically have the same problem.  I have a kobo and downloaded a ebook from barnes

          and noble.  It won't open up and it says doc. is licensed for differant user account


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            sgamache01 Level 1

            I ended up purchasing another one from borders.com and then I think the one from b&n just magically started working after I tried everything known to man to get it to work.  I had originally used the b&n book on a different ereader though before trying to use on the kobo and I didn't deauthorize that ereader before returning it so I think that may have had something to do with it.  sorry I cannot offer more advice.