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    iZotope Plug-In Error

    digital.alchemy.studios Level 1

      Have another one for you gentlemen. This time Izotope Ozone 4 in vst or AU mode


      Mid Side Processing fails, modal or rack, does not matter what you do to it - playback preview appears compensated - processing is not if used with digital or match settings at any fft size.


      Easy to repro - insert O4, enable eq/change to digital or match - switch to mid side process mode (eq point settings aren't even necessary to create the latency offset) apply and there you are in all its flanging delayed glory and it is the same offset as the latency readout in the O4 HUD


      I'm going to add a personal comment on this report: In light what we're looking at isn't an early beta and closer to what the production release is going to be if I'm reading the team feedback correctly. it becomes paramount that third party support exceeds standards. if we're going to have to make do without the majority of the more 'esoteric' tools built into audition that we've looked to and depend more heavily on third party options. It's several orders of magnitude more imperative that third party support must work as expected.