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    Import Flash Contact form as .swf with .php?

    todd eric vann



      I am just wondering if there is some way to import a contact form made in Flash with all the actions set to work with a .php file?


      I have tried by importing the swf into catalyst and making sure the .php is on the server. However it seems to not contact the .php.


      Do import swf's carry in all there actions?


      Does anyone know how to sort this out.



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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Todd,


          When you import a SWF file, any code and interactivity within it should be preserved.  A few possible issues you might be hitting, though:


          • Does your SWF require any other files to function properly?  E.g. does it expect to find an XML settings file located next to itself on the server?  (This can be a problem since Flash Catalyst doesn't give you any easy way to import those additional files).
          • Does your SWF use relative URLs?  When run from within Flash Catalyst, your project is accessed from a local file:// URL, so relative URLs that expect to point to a live server may not work.
          • Are you doing File > Publish in Catalst, instead of File > Run Project?  If so, be aware that the content in the run-local output folder won't be able to contact a server.
          • Does your SWF's code need to access global resources, such as the stage?  SWFs embedded within other SWFs are sometimes restricted (sandboxed) from accessing certain global objects in ActionScript.


          Hope that helps,


          - Peter