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    Uninstall Dreamweaver and Flash MX 2004

    Don Lambert

      I'm having problems finding information in product support regarding how to uninstall Dreamweaver and Flash MX 2004 from Mac OS X.

      Could anyone help by directing me to on-line help, or other step-by-step instructions. I would really like to get all files/extensions/etc off my computer (because I'm a neat freak) and don't like having misc. files lingering around.

      Much Appreciated,
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          suswelter Level 1
          Put the files in the Trash. To find orphans do a spotlight search for DW MX2004, etc and trash these.

          If in doubt, don't Trash the files, but zip them so they are not accessible to your system. Ditto on all the orphans in the /Library/..... and /User/Library/.....

          Once you are sure that you really no longer want MX 2004, then you can trash the zipped files.
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            Don Lambert Level 1
            Thanks for the response. I was hoping I could find a list of all related folders, files, etc., like Adobe has published for CS2.

            I'll probably end up going the route you suggest, as your plan is a conformation of what I was initially intending to do. Thanks again for the help.