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    Adobe Flash is pure evil?

    JayRoot Level 1

      Just wondering, I have Wondows 7, running 64

      ...have had the following things occur...

      Bone tool decides to vanish completely;

      Bone tool too large to see anything and can't resize;

      Bone tool replaces all other armitures on timeline with random armiture;

      Bone tool leaves random parts in random areas of stage that can not be selected or deleted in any way unless the entire thing is deleted;

      Eraser decides to draw (wacom)

      Eraser decides to fill;

      V tool causes random parts of image to vanish;

      V tool causes object to fill;

      undo freezing and causing program to crash;

      I could go on and on for hours, but I have to go back and try and remake all that was lost in my most recent crash (you know the one that occured because I tried to save some work).

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          JayRoot Level 1

          Yeah great reply...you must work for Adobe. I have now had issues with audio not timing correctly, audio not sounding at all, audio running correctly but the video running about 1/8th speed, AVI exports containing zero movements if the SWF contains movie files, mov files appearing horridly jumpy....and now my favorite is the SWF freezing while exporting. I can make better videos with photoshop.

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            jurd the lost

            Hell, yes. And I have a great collection of free apps that can do it all, so it can go sit on itself.

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              JayRoot Level 1

              Any good suggestions? I have to use it for class a few more quarters, but it seems to be made very poorly. Heck even the forums makes you log in twice to post.  Honestly how hard would it be to make a resize option when you publish or an alter frame rates? I am amazed that a single person can max this program out...and I was hoping to make a series with it...but I am getting more and more worried as I attempt more with it.

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                Lee Burrows Level 4

                it is possible to resize content in the swf - its just that you have to code it yourself (or use flex which has the functionality included).


                also, you can change the frame rate with (eg) this.stage.frameRate = 50;

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                  JayRoot Level 1

                  Would using the action script make the file smaller when exported? Or would it still be a

                  massive file, just with a smallerframe? Also if I have actionscript all through out it already where would I type it (action script 3) and what would I type exactly?


                  Now onto the next amazing flash issues...graphic symbols that do not sync! I have several in the newer project that are starting at random points. I tried the sync with option, but it was almost always greyed out, and the one time it wasn't it did not do anything. Tied to get on the forum to post this last night when I was having the problem, and I could not find it mentioned anywhere on fixes...and the site was down and I could not log in. Perhaps this site is using flash too. Awww nap.  I also love in tweens when you move something a little distance one way it will rotate 350 degrees when you play it back instead of the 10 degrees.