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    Premiere Pro CS5 H264 Encoding Frames jumping back and forth during playback


      Hi Help Needed please.


      I am having an encoding problem when sometimes exporting to H264.  The playback seems to be randomly jumping back and forth between frames.  I have tried using lots of different settings and presets but this Problem still seems to occur completely at random. 


      Adobe cs5 production suite

      mac osx 10.6.4

      Mac pro


      export settings


      Tv Standard: PAL
      Video frames size:  1024x576
      FPS: 25
      Field order: none Progressive
      Pixel aspect ratio: Square pixels
      Profile: Main
      Level: 3.2
      Bitrate Encoding: VBR 2 pass
      Target Bit rate: 6
      Maximum Bit rate: 8
      Use maximum rendering quality:
      I have to work to very tight deadlines and this random problem is something I would really like to understand and solve
      Any help would be appreciated???