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    Air 2.5 sqlite db creation

    Filippo Lughi Level 1


      I am trying to create a sqlite database with Flex 4 / Air 2.5.

      My code is the following:




      private function init():void 
                          var conn:SQLConnection = new SQLConnection(); 
                          conn.addEventListener(SQLEvent.OPEN, openHandler); 
                          conn.addEventListener(SQLErrorEvent.ERROR, errorHandler); 
                          var folder:File = File.applicationStorageDirectory; 
                          var dbFile:File = folder.resolvePath("example.db"); 
                     private function openHandler(event:SQLEvent):void 
                          trace("the database was created successfully"); 
                     private function errorHandler(event:SQLErrorEvent):void 
                          trace("Error message:", event.error.message); 
                          trace("Details:", event.error.details); 



      Consolle says "the database was created successfully" but I can't find any example.db on my MAC.